Since I was little, my dream has always been to be a recognized designer in the world of fashion, so at school I started selling clothes, although my professional experience in the fashion industry began in 2013 when Studio F and Emporium gave me the opportunity to learn in depth about retail brands, these companies, being the largest and most recognized in Colombia, allowed me to open my vision of this industry.

About Us

That is why, years later, I began to work with important companies located in China and the United States, with the main function of researching product macro-trends.
After having learned about running a business, about production processes, about brand research and being able to understand consumer needs, I started thinking about starting my own business, so I made the decision to build my brand and to fulfill that dream that I had been so excited about since I was a child.



It was in 2017 when Kathe Zapata was born as a brand, opening its first store in the El Peñon neighborhood of Cali. I worked as a Fashion Hunter, so I dedicated myself to traveling and getting trends to apply them in my company. In vulputate felis vel odio porttitor lobortis. Vivamus interdum efficitur leo, quis dictum lectus. Fusce convallis risus non lectus aliquam malesuada. Vestibulum vehicula, felis ac porttitor viverra.


In 2018, the Unicentro shopping center opened its doors for me and I began this great challenge of providing quality clothing. We started importing clothes, but we felt that something was missing,
that touch that identified the brand with the product, so that where I decided to start designing. 
We created a collection group made up of the best designers in the profession, we began to plan ideas to be able to execute a different creation and design process.


In 2019 we began to design our own fabrics with the colors that identify Pantone, which we investigate every 6 months to create the collection for the next semester. In this year the company was organized and structured, we have more than 14 workshops that make clothes and we apply a support policy to all women heads of household, we also hire seamstresses and pattern makers, the most prepared to be the creators of Kathe Zapata. We are fair and we always seek to provide job opportunities to the best professionals who can offer Kathe Zapata the best of them.


In 2020 we received world news that forced us to close the doors of the stores and production workshops, but my social sense, the company social sense helped us to adapt to the situation and maintain the salaries of all our collaborators, We fired no one, we left no one out of the company, because more than a work group, we are a family. Our strategy? We kept Kathe Zapata alive with social networks, that way we managed to sustain the company. In addition, the owners of the warehouses where our stores are located talked with us and we were able to reach mutual collaboration agreements.

The new collection that was launched at CALI DISTRITO MODA is completely inspired by its creator KATHE ZAPATA, a collection with all her essence, where her garments use inclusive, contemporary designs out of stereotypes with diversity of cuts and asymmetries, mixing textures and colors, forming ‘patchwork’ on garments, 90’s style, animals and spiritual elements.

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We create our own style

As for the production chain, in this same year wendecided to follow the process of purchasing and
making fabrics, sent to workshops to start production, approve the collection design sketches, create the product and send it to the point of sale.

In Cali, Zarzal, Bucaramanga and Barranquilla, we carry out the entire footwear design and production process, production plants that depend at least 80% on us, since our production capacity must be in constant development. In Cali, we designed one of the biggest references in our footwear: Kathe Zapata oversize sneakers.

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Kathe Zapata turns 6 years old and has managed to achieve that goal that we initially worked on with a lot of effort and dedication. To be recognized as a high-quality clothing brand of Colombian origin.

I tell you this story because with my work team, my collaborators who are more than 50, where saleswomen, area point coordinators, the logistics group, the administrative and financial area, and the design team work, that creative part in the that I focus 100%, that enriching team told me that it will tell the story of Kathe Zapata.
This is the growth of Kathe Zapata, a Fast Fashion brand, producing a minimum of 60 to 160 units of 80 and 113 references, which is what we have in a single collection.
Now, we also have a product that we sell to boutiques where there are only luxury brands, therefore, our collection that we call is produced differently, since they are high- twist fabrics, heavy weight yields and satins very well. handled. Kathe Zapata Author Design was present during 2019 and 2020 in Panama, unfortunately the boutique closed due to a pandemic, but that made our vision cross national borders.
Now a challenge is coming, we will go to Egypt, Europe and Las Vegas, and we will investigate how fashion moves in these territories to propose it in Colombia. Our collections.

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